Sunday, February 13, 2011

McKeever's baby shower!

McKeever's baby shower for little Grayson was this afternoon! It was so great to see some ladies I have missed over the past few months! Here we are with McKeever in the middle-isn't she totally the most adorable pregnant girl ever!?!?!

Here am I with Carlene, Alison, and Laura! Please remind me to never wear that dress out in public again-yikes it does not photograph well!

The shower was a fun time and I look forward to meeting sweet, little Grayson in a few weeks! :)

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  1. I am making a canvas for grayson!! :)

    To answer your question, no Ty and I do not currently live in the same town. He graduated from BAMA in December and has moved back home! We are about an hour away from each other - his hometown is just north of Birmingham. Its not that far but going from Sunday - Friday without seeing each other is rough considering weve been in the same town for over 2 years!! :(


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