Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Dinner Dessert

My family gets together for Sunday dinner each weekend. It is a great time for us to see each other and catch up. Matt and I were assigned dessert for this week, I decided on Cake Truffles (or Cake Balls!). I love Red Velvet cake so we decided on that kind. Here are the EASY steps:

1)Make the cake according to the directions.

2) Crumble the cake and put it in a large bowl. Add a can of cream cheese icing. Mix together (I use a large fork)

3) Chill for 30 mins. to an hour

4) Form in small balls, put in fridge for a few hours

5) Melt Baker's White Chocolate pieces and drizzle on top. You could also completely dip!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seeing Double?!?!

You surely aren't seeing double! Matt found the cutest cake at the Pig today. It looks just like our son, Winston! :) How adorable... I HAD to share! What a sweet hubby I have.

Downtown here we come!

Matt and I ventured downtown (a forty minute drive!) to meet his cousin and his awesome girlfriend Lindsay. We went to one of our favorite downtown stops: The Flying Saucer. They have over 200 hundred beers... which the husband is trying to drink them all! We got to catch up with them and Matt got to enjoy some good beer-win win! They have the most amazing pretzels, we ended up eating them for dinner! Sadly, I forgot to take a pic! Enjoy the cool Lava Beer pic though!

The Ladies

The Boys

The cool Lava Beer! It looked just like a lava lamp!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I can't feel my legs...

I have gone to Zumba now three times: Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday. After today's dance/work out session, Mary and I meet the hubbys for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. While we were waiting for the boys we ordered southwestern rolls (FRIED) and ate them ALL! I was so sore from the class I could barely walk out to the car. So... to sum up the gym experience I am sore and eating about the same amount of calories I worked off! HA... owell... I try!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I can't feel my legs..

So my good friend Mary has joined Gold's Gym. Why might this have anything to do with me you might be thinking. Well, Mary can be very convincing when it comes to things. She convinced me to go to a Zumba work out class on Saturday morning at 8:15. Hard to believe I know! It was actually a lot of fun, all the dancing and sweating in places sweat shouldn't go! When I woke up this morning though, I looked like this...

Hopefully after some more Zumba classes I will look like this...

Supper Club

We hosted Supper Club at our house last night, which meant lots of cooking and cleaning yesterday! It was ALL worth it-we had a blast. Matt and I made twice baked potato casserole, grilled asparagus, chocolate peanut butter pie, Smores brownies, and crescent rolls. We had everyone bring their own meat and grilled out in the cold! After dinner with played Disney's Scene It. I still can't believe the guys won...

It was an awesome night with such a great crowd. Now we are all about relaxing today... Happy Sunday!

Here is the leftovers of the Smores brownies! Delicious!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fixin' her up

We have been living in our house now for about five months. During that time, the hubby and I have decorated some, but not much else. We decided it was time for us to do some big time changes. My hard working husband and dad put new hardwood floors in the kitchen-ONLY 12 hours! YIKES! I like to do more artsy stuff (or so I think it is artsy!) and decided the kitchen was the next place for my touch. We decided to draw a large rectangle on the kitchen wall and painted it a pretty green (we got the paint on clearance for $3!). We then put white molding around it and a cute vinyl quote inside. The quote is hard to read in the picture, but it says "The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table". I LOVE it! It's a small step, but we are on our way!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Crafting

I have been wanting to create an initial picture for both Matt and I to go over our bed. My friend over at Cobia Family blog ended up doing a variation of my idea and it turned out GREAT! So with the Cricut in one hand and two old, recycled picture frames in the other, I created an M and an A. I think they turned out pretty good! It was super easy. I wish I would have taken before pictures, but you get the idea!

Let's give this a shot...

I have been obessed with reading blogs for the past few months. I have checked them EVERY DAY like it's my second job. After I got over the creepy feeling that I was stalking people, I decided I really loved it. So... here is my attempt at blogging myself. Maybe no one will read it, BUT it will be exciting for me to put my life out there. I will be blogging about our (Matt and I) crazy life and the random things that happen to us. Enjoy!