Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All about the ladies!

This past weekend my hubby spent every waking hour putting hardwood floors down in our kitchen, living room, and hallway. They look amazing-I will post pics as soon as he lets me! He is a perfectionist and doesn't want anyone to see pics of projects half done...whatev!

Since he was busy working I took to the town for ladies nights BOTH Friday and Saturday night!

Friday I bunch of us teachers went to one of my favorite restaurants, Cantina 76. We have a wonderful time laughing, sipping margaritas, and catching up!

Saturday took me on a road trip to Charlotte, NC. It was a quick drive-only 1.5 hrs-with lots of fun to be had. Brooke, Christine, and I went shopping at Ikea and Concord Mills (holy busy!!!) and then went to a very trendy Mexican restaurant. They had the best table side guac I have ever had...too bad I can't remember the restaurant's name!!!

Here is the ONE pic I have from the weekend-maybe I just need a better camera to get me motivated to take pictures!

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