Sunday, January 24, 2010

Supper Club

We hosted Supper Club at our house last night, which meant lots of cooking and cleaning yesterday! It was ALL worth it-we had a blast. Matt and I made twice baked potato casserole, grilled asparagus, chocolate peanut butter pie, Smores brownies, and crescent rolls. We had everyone bring their own meat and grilled out in the cold! After dinner with played Disney's Scene It. I still can't believe the guys won...

It was an awesome night with such a great crowd. Now we are all about relaxing today... Happy Sunday!

Here is the leftovers of the Smores brownies! Delicious!


  1. I just came on by and saw that you are flying saucer visitor. So are we. In fact we were just there last night. It is my hubby's favorite place in the world. Happy blogging and those brownies look scrumptious!

  2. Isn't flying saucer great! We are actually planning on meeting friends there Wednesday night. We live in Lexington so it is defiantly a drive for us!


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