Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Dinner Dessert

My family gets together for Sunday dinner each weekend. It is a great time for us to see each other and catch up. Matt and I were assigned dessert for this week, I decided on Cake Truffles (or Cake Balls!). I love Red Velvet cake so we decided on that kind. Here are the EASY steps:

1)Make the cake according to the directions.

2) Crumble the cake and put it in a large bowl. Add a can of cream cheese icing. Mix together (I use a large fork)

3) Chill for 30 mins. to an hour

4) Form in small balls, put in fridge for a few hours

5) Melt Baker's White Chocolate pieces and drizzle on top. You could also completely dip!



  1. Wow! that looks pretty good! my husband loves red velvet.

  2. Those look great!
    I will have to try them, thanks for sharing!


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