Sunday, November 28, 2010

finished terra cotta Christmas tree... finally

So I know I was supposed to put pics of the finished tree up LAST week...but I got distracted by Thanksgiving!

I think it turned out really cute and so easy! Here are the steps again:

1. spray paint three small Terra cotta pots any green (mine was a dark green to match my living room)
2. stack the largest pot on the bottom, then the middle size pot, and finally the smallest on top
3. paint red/burgundy "ornaments" on your tree
4. use a terra cotta saucer spray painted black as the tree skirt
5. put a star on top!

Enjoy the pics! Happy late Thanksgiving friends!

1 comment:

  1. So cute! Aren't they so festive and fun? I love how versatile they are - you can decorate them to match any style.

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths


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